Return Policies



Sporting Edge Return Policies:

  1. All returns must be in our computer database or accompanied by our sales receipt. NOTHING CAN BE DONE WITHOUT ONE OF THESE.
  2. Refunds may be granted up to 30 days from the purchase date. Merchandise must be in NEW CONDITION AND IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING.
  3. Exchanges or store credit may be given up to 45 days from the purchase.
  4. Swimsuits and undergarments are NOT RETURNABLE FOR ANY REASON, other than manufacturer’s defect, under FEDERAL health laws.
  5. Items used for anything other than their intended purpose will not be accepted for return. Replacement is limited to 90 days from purchase.
  6. If we accidentally leave an ink tag on merchandise...PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT!!! The item will be ruined and we cannot be held responsible for the item. Please send the item and receipt back to us and we will reimburse you for shipping costs, remove the tag, and send it back to you immediately.
  7. Shipping cost is non-refundable.


When you first try on your new footwear, be sure to take your first steps on carpet.

Why? It is important to us that you are satisfied with your footwear. A correct fit means maximum comfort for you, and that is what we strive for.  Most footwear is returned because the customer needs a different size, which we will be happy to do because we want your shoes to fit right!

However, every shoe that's returned is inspected thoroughly and if the footwear is scuffed or soiled in any way, they cannot be returned.

That's why we ask you to take those first steps on carpet to make sure they fit properly.  This helps us keep our costs down and be able to offer high-quality footwear at the lowest possible price.

Thanks for your help and we hope you enjoy your new footwear.